Monday, February 20, 2012

Charming Tube Necklaces

Here are some new "Anthropology-style" necklaces. They are one of a kind, with charms and beads and cool fabrics. Above is the only single strand necklace with shiny thick fabric and LOADS of beads.

Black tubes with silver beads and charms
Brown print tubes, gold charms and amber rings, assorted beads
Black and blue tubes, silver charms and beads and silver chain.
Brown knit tubes, silver rings and brown and black beads including pandora style beads with crystals.
Black, grey print tubes with silver and black rings, charms and beads.
Black and blue tubes, with blue, green crystal beads and a large blue "alien" charm at the bottom, quite shiny.
Black, grey and purple tubes, with silver rings and beads and charms, and purple beads
Red textured tubes with lots of blue rings and red, amber beads and large silver medallion.
Black and grey tubes, big chunky pewter beads, and silver charms and chain.
They are all stretchy to put them on except number one which has a lobster claw closure. They feel comfy and I get lots of compliments and "where did you get that" when I wear mine, so was inspired to make more . Hope you like...

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