Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Golf Club Cover... Robin

My daughter is looking for a Driver Cover that is a Robin. We searched the internet, every site possible and the only Robin we found was of the "Batman and" variety.

So off to Len's Mills in Hamilton for some fun fur, and after a few sketches and pattern drawings...

cut and assembled these...

I managed to create this....

I just need to decide on the eyes... buttons... or beads?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kokopelli - New Quilt

I have a vision of a colourful quilt, with a whimsical Kokopelli appliqued at the center. I started making the background of the quilt with blue and green batiks cut in 5 inch squares. The question is how to applique my image, and I saw a quilt last week with topstitched, raw edged pieces, and it looked cool. I thought this could add to the mystical alure of the Kokopelli but decided to try a smaller image on a pillow top, just to see if I liked it.
I stitched it and machine quilted the piece and washed it to see how it would look.
I may also do one with a traditional turned edge applique to compare. This quilt will be queen size, so I want to make sure it is exactly like my imagination says it should be!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Curtains, Drapes and Benches

The newlyweds are in their new home, and the first thing they notice is that the sun is up shortly after 5:30 AM! The bedroom has a cool glass block window over the bed (with NO window cover) and walk out doors that are all glass, with only horizontal blinds. These offer enough privacy, but very poor light control. So off we went to the fabric store and picked up some fabulous drapery fabric and black-out lining. Add to that some pewter rods and hardware in a not-too-skimpy sizing, and you have the makings for some great light blocking. They are on matching tabs, so they can be pushed aside to let lots of light in WHEN THEY WANT!

It is even hard to take a phot of the window/doors, since the light is so bright!
I really love the glass block window above the bed....
Very cool, but needs to be able to draw the curtain to control the light....

Sleep well my favourite young couple!

I also made a quick renovation to an old end table from our house. This is not technically a sewing project, but a staple gun project. I used new ultra-suede, and foam to cover the top of the table, and it now sits in the hallway, ready to sit and tie up shoes and has a shelf to catch shoes or other front door stuff....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Peasant dress

My friend asked me to make a white under-dress for her daughter's highland dance costume. It is basically a raglan peasant dress, gathered elastic neckline, sleeves, and waistband with a 6 inch hem, to allow for growth. I used the instructions in this online file. It gave me the technique and I used an older version of the dress as a guideline.

Here is the old dress....

Here is the paper pattern I developed....
and here is the finished new dress.
Mostly it won't be very visible when wearing the costume, just a bit of white peaking out at the sleeve, hem and neck.