Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Coat and More Felting

In the boxing day sale at my local fabric shop, I found this lovely double sided fake fur fabric. It was temptingly on sale and I wandered about the shop thinking of possible coat patterns that could transform it into a great find. I settled on my favourite scarfed swing coat, a good choice because the "wrong side" of the fabric plays a part in the design. The coat is McCalls 5987, an easy pattern that fits really well. The edges were just turned once and top stitched near the edge. (the plain fur side turned out to the outside to make a simple brown fur binding!) This coat pattern has no lining and the inside shows on the underside of the scarf, and when the coat is hanging open. I chose the make the brown underside fur as the top of the scarf to show as a contrast to the patterned fur on the outside of the coat. I also made a new felted scarf in a grid design. Very cute! The art of felting seems to have endless possibilities and everything I make is different and unusual. I will be trying lots more and posting here, so follow along! Also see my new blingy glasses. Marilyn 5046 in brown with meandering crystals on the temples.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Dress, Finale

The Christmas Dress is done except for final fitting and hems.

It will look even better on my friend, than it does on my grey model! Magical.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nuno-Felting Scarves

My knitting posse ventured outside our safe yarn medium, into roving and water and agitation. (Wet felting on fabric backing = Nuno-felting). We made a quick trip to The Fibre Garden in Jordan, where John helped us find the perfect Merino rovings and other yummy fibres. Susan hosted the project in her water-proof basement. We started with scarf sized fabrics. Mine was a synthetic netting in black with silver shimmer on one side. Ruth, Fiona and Lois used silk chiffon in black. Susan supervised and assisted, as she was the "expert" having felted like this once before! (learn then teach... it's the craft version of pass it forward). My fabric is not a natural fibre and will not shrink with heat, nor will it adhere to wool, so I had to layer some merino roving to both sides and rub them to stick it to the netting. First the layering of merino roving in plum... then wetting with warm water and soap, to allow the fibres to lock into each other. Then roll up around a pool noodle and a bubble wrap (pool solar blanket) and tie securely. Then roll and rub and roll and rub..... for a long time (with feet or hands), then eat lunch and roll some more... You can see me knitting while rolling with my feet. Then unwrap and check and roll up again and repeat! The final fabric after rolling, then washing in hot with agitation, is a soft and light weight scarf, with (intentional) holes in the wool where the silver mesh shows through. I had to leave Susan's before the other gals had theirs done, and can't wait to see the finished fabrics. Here are Ruth and Fiona's scarves ready to roll... (and Lois starting to plan hers) Fiona and Ruth's are in a double roll, so they joined forces and did a four foot rolling... they got a good rhythm going! Here, Susan and I show off the final scarf... Thanks for being such a good coach, Susan! The final photo has me wearing the scarf and it is still cold and WET, but I don't care because I made the fabric with my own hands (and feet!).