Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dress Almost Done!

Here is a photo of the wedding dress with all the beading and tucks and details intact. The flower is a bit bigger, and the tucks in the skirt have three pearls sewn in place to hold the tuck. They are mostly not visible, but with movement, they peak out!

The hem has not been finished, but that's all that is left. I post this on the blog for you to enjoy, but photos of the bride wearing this will only be posted after the wedding in May.... Please be patient, all the photos will tell the tale of a lovely beach-front wedding.

Close up view of the pearl and crystal details on the bodice....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last Bridesmaid Dress

This one is a blue that starts light like the sky and becomes deeper the further down the dress it goes. It is chiffon, and gathered at the shoulder and crossed at the front.

The details are a gathered sash with tails and a starfish embelishment that is tacked down at the points and the ties flow from the bottom points.

The chiffon is not attached to the blue satin underskirt, so they each move independently and will look great in the tropical breezes on the beach of Jamaica. The starfish can be removed for further wearings, as this makes them especially beach-worthy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Need your help - VOTE!

Here are a few versions of the one shoulder dress. You can help me, by voting your choice in the box to the right of this blog. Thanks for your thoughts!!!

Version #1:

Version #2:

Version #3:

Version #4

Version #5:
Please leave comments if you want a combination I have not presented....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Dress

This one is an off the shoulder cutie. It is a true teal colour, with the subtle diagonal striping. Sheer chiffon over shiny light blue.
Just the plain version...

With the tacked on draping...

Here is the first dress on the dress form.....

Now I am off to Fabricland to find a bit of trim as plan B for detailing. (instead of the sheer draping)

Close up views of a possible ribbon and braid and sequin trim. On only one or all of the dresses? So many choices.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Further Details...Mom's Dress

Here we see a flower applique detail on the back anchoring the new drape addition on the left side of the dress...
Close up of the front applique with the swarovski crystals. The drape starts on the right front and folds loosely to the left back.

There are also appliques on the shouders connecting the straps.... It fits me better than Missy Blue (the dress form). I really like this dress and it is one of the most original dresses I have ever made. Perfect for a beach wedding at sunset!
I just need to find the perfect sandals.... :)

More Dresses

Saturday was a sewing day! I made my dress in the afternoon...

It is a sheer abstract floral silver-green fabric over a shiny silver satin fabric. The satin glows through the sheer bits between the leaves. The design is very simple, and I will likely find a decorative detail for the empire waist (sash, beading, decorative belt???).

The second one is one of the girl's dresses. There are three dresses. None are the same in colour OR in cut, but they will all be of the same styling. Three sheer, flowing shades of the ocean, blue, green, teal. Each one has some interest in the dying. The first is a halter design with green dyed in diagonal stripes (very subtle, but you can see it).

The lining for all three is the same, a lovely soft ocean blue. This will shine through the sheer and make the dresses glow a bit. Hard to capture on camera.

Also hard to photograph without the model. More photos later.... Here is the draping option pinned in place to see if the girls like that. We could also do a jewelry element at the center or a whole beaded belt instead of the drape.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pearls and Crystals

The real beauty of the custom made gown, is the details (well, after the unique, perfect custom fit... it is definately the details) Here is a really close up photo of the beginnings of the lace details. I have sewn on mini pearls inside the outline of the lace flower, and the center holds larger pearls and swarovski crystals.Clearly this is a long process of sewing, where each bead is stitched into place by hand. I really like this part, and just follow my instincts as to how much and where the beads are placed. The overall effect will be textural and a bit shiny, and from a distance you won't see the beads too much (white on white), but it adds a richness that is very wedding worthy.... :)