Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hems and hooks and finishing touches.

I have spent the last 3.5 hours working the rest of the dresses for the bridesmaids. There are two hems for each dress, one on the chiffon, and another on the lining satin. Then there are hooks and eyes to close the zipper top, and finishing touches to tidy up all the details.

I also decided that small purses in the fabrics would be a nice touch. So here they are...

I fused interfacing to the back of the chiffon, sewed the lining fabric in a rectangle with right sides facing, leaving a gap on one seam. Turn right side and press. Then I slipped some quilt batting in making sure the corners matched up, and top stitched in about an inch to hold it all together. Folding like an envelope, I marked the top flap and topstitched again in a rectangle, then stitched a starfish into the center of that flap. Last I topstitched the side seams closed. I only need to add a big snap to keep it closed and some kind on should strap (not determined just yet)....

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