Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sock Monkey Golf Club Cover- Instructions

Ok, It's true... I love sock monkeys, and I have been working out how to make one into a cover for my fairway wood! The first one was converted from an existing sock monkey... not bad, but had a few flaws in the lining. Second was good, but a bit thin. Third is the charm, and here is the step by step details so you can make one too!

PLEASE NOTE: this design is for fairway woods or hybrids only.... BE KIND TO YOUR MONKEY... a driver is TOO BIG for your monkey to handle!! He is slim and cool and would look distressed and bloated with such a big club in his belly! 'nuff said.

Pair of traditional men's wool work socks. (ladies could be used for hybrids)
Soft lofty stuffing
Small bit of quilt batting
Single black ladies sock (for lining)
Buttons for eyes.
Strong thread - light gray, and red embroidery thread.


As in photo, turn one sock inside out and sew leg inseam. Leave a gap at the top and stop about an inch from the heal. Cut between these seams and a bit into the space above the legs. we need an opening just big enough to pass your club head through. You can test this.

Turn the legs and body right side out. Stuff the legs fully but not too stiff. Stuff the head area, but leave the body for now.
Cut the other sock as in the photo.
Attach the muzzle by hand stitching with enough stuffing to make it stand firm.
Take the black sock and on the outside sew a seam just above the heel (see photo)
Using the small batting, wrap it around the black sock, and with your hand inside slide the wrapped sock in place inside the monkey. You should feel your hand push the black sock just under the head stuffing. Push it up until the top is right behind the mouth. Carefully pull out your hand without pulling out the lining.
Use some loose stuffing to lightly pad the belly and more to pad his small rump.

Hand sew the opening to the bottom of the black sock, leaving the cuff of the black sock outside the monkey's butt. *** careful to sew it in a stretched state. Too tightly sewn, means it will NOT stretch over the golf club!

Sew his ears, wrong side facing, make half circles about 1.5 inches across. Sew the arms and tail, right side facing, turn and stuff the arms only. Have ready...
Anchor the lining... this is important so that the lining does not turn out when you pull your club out! With your left hand inside the monkey, push the top left edge up and towards the left side of his mouth.... just where you will attach his ear, you will put several large anchoring stitches through the outside, picking up some of the black sock lining and back out. Do this about four times, until that side of the lining is well attached to the ear spot. Now sew the ear right over these stitches. Do the same for the right side of the monkey head, attaching the lining there and then the ear.

Position the arms at the sides of the body, hand sew in place. Sew the tail on the backside.

Sew button eyes, and embroidery mouth. I like the hat, just cut the other toe about 2 inches below the white toe, and roll the bottom edge, tack into place on his head.


Give him a name, and go out and hit the links!


  1. Thank you Chris for the instructions I'll use them for sure!

  2. I am making this for my boyfriend's birthday this weekend. He loves golf and funny club covers. So this will be perfect, thanks so much.

  3. Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for the great tutorial! I made one of these for my brother-in-law's Christmas gift. Here's where I blogged about it, if you want to see my version: