Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Dresses

I have five dresses to make in the next three weeks... so off we go. The first is a plum coloured gown, very glamorous, and detailed. I love it so far, and still have the first fitting and the lining to work out. The second is a summer dress, bright and cheerful and simple. This one is for me, and I will be making a wrap of black chiffon, nuno-felted with black and purple merino and flags of the dress fabric. Stay tuned to see the combination of these two garments. The third is a simple black stretch knit sleeveless wrap. It's almost done and needs a final fitting with the future owner. I have also had some wonderful comments out in the town about my coat. Strangers have asked me about the fabric and the origin of the coat. I am enjoying wearing this one of a kind coat. I have already made plans for a shorter spring jacket.

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