Friday, May 20, 2011

yarn bombing and KIP day

I have been perusing the net for images about yarn bombing... for those who have yet to discover this growing trend, it is yarn graffiti, random acts of yarning, yarn vandalism created in under the cloak of night by rebellious stitchers....

I further discovered that the yearly KIP (knit in public) day is June 11, 2011 and this year it is also Yarn Bombing Day. I have not yet decided how I will celebrate KIP and YBD, but rest assured there will be photos, because photos are what it's all about!

Although illegal (littering or vandalism), from what I have read the yarners who have been caught have just caused the officers to chuckle. Only one knitter reported that the cop said "step away from the knitting" when he asked her to cease and desist!

I have a few photos of inspirational bombings (street art as some would prefer to call them). I will show you more as I snag them from the infinite sources on the net.... (just try to google yarn bombing!)

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