Saturday, November 24, 2012

Boot Caddy from Boot Bag (or other fabric)

I splurged!  I found these amazing boots on the Fluvog website, and invested in a timeless, long lasting staple to my footwear wardrobe!  They arrived with this lovely boot bag, stamped with John Fluvog's spiritual message.  I want them to last forever, and thought that a boot caddy would help them stand up straight in the closet, and keep the leather in great shape (no fold where it flops sideways).
 I flipped the bag inside out and cut out mini "legs"...
 Sewing the inseams and rounding the "foot", I then clipped the curves.
 Like this...
 Turn it right side out, I filled the bottom quarter with dust free kitty litter (this makes it heavy enough to slide to the bottom, and deodorizes the inside!).  The rest of the legs are stuffed with fluffy poly batting.  The top has a natural drawstring, but if you are using fabric, you can gather the top and fasten off.
 Here they are, inserted in the fabulous boots!  I LOVE the boots, and the caddy will keep them in great shape!

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  1. So clever. Very innovative. I just love original ideas.