Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quilting Progress

Just spent a few hours chugging away at the center panel of the quilt. It is a turtle motif, and I used a Hawaii quilt pattern, which is done by folding the fabric into eight triangles (think eight slice pizza) and cutting half a turtle (like the old paper doll chains or snowflakes from grade school!).

I then topstitched in zig zag around the shell pattern, and then cut the spaces in between.

Eventually quilting between the shell shapes will have the whole shell pop, and should look pretty cool.
Here it is lying on top of some of the squares that will surround the center panel.
I still am undecided as to which way to assemble all the pieces. So far I am just enjoying the small random square assembly. I love the black, tan, burgundy and beige colour way.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous - what a great technique! Fabulous job. :)

  2. I have just discovered your 'blogspot' and am so excited with what you are posting. This quilt is awesome. Your vision, fabrics used and fabulous completed projects are outstanding. I will be sharing my 'discovery' with my friends. Many friends are also knitters and I know they too will be as excited with my 'discovery' as I am. You are an inspiration!