Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two New Projects

I have had some time with the sewing machine, and have started two things....

First, pretty "jelly roll" of 2.5 inch quilt fabric I brought home from Lancaster, Pennsylvania this summer.
I have assembled the strips into a large, almost 2 yard long piece of fabric. The intention of this is to make new placemats. I will cut across the strips and reassemble into 2 inch squares.

The second is a really creative project. It starts with some fabric pieces given to me by a knitting friend. The fabric is a slightly shiny crinkle taupe fabric, that is a bit stiff. There is enough for a front and back of a coat, but not enough for sleeves. My friend and I discussed the option of making the coat with knitted sleeves and collar, so she went into her knitting stash and found some chunky chenille that matches.
I brought it all home and knit a swatch out of the yarn, and with some experiment, decided to quilt the crinkle fabric to make it as thick as the chunky yarn. I purchased this co-ordinating fabric that will be used to back the quilting.
Chenille knitted swatch, on 6mm needles, gauge 14 sts = 4 inches.

The crinkle fabric without quilting.
The different quilting stitches I was fooling around with.

You can see the basic coat pattern (in red) I will use, adding a pair of pockets and a belt and loops (think trench coat)....
Stay tuned to see this step by step coat production.

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