Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dress Almost Done!

Here is a photo of the wedding dress with all the beading and tucks and details intact. The flower is a bit bigger, and the tucks in the skirt have three pearls sewn in place to hold the tuck. They are mostly not visible, but with movement, they peak out!

The hem has not been finished, but that's all that is left. I post this on the blog for you to enjoy, but photos of the bride wearing this will only be posted after the wedding in May.... Please be patient, all the photos will tell the tale of a lovely beach-front wedding.

Close up view of the pearl and crystal details on the bodice....

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  1. My mama linda made me a purse to match my wedding dress with that exact same lace/pearl material, so beautiful. PS- i cant believe you made a wedding dress :) good job