Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Dresses

Saturday was a sewing day! I made my dress in the afternoon...

It is a sheer abstract floral silver-green fabric over a shiny silver satin fabric. The satin glows through the sheer bits between the leaves. The design is very simple, and I will likely find a decorative detail for the empire waist (sash, beading, decorative belt???).

The second one is one of the girl's dresses. There are three dresses. None are the same in colour OR in cut, but they will all be of the same styling. Three sheer, flowing shades of the ocean, blue, green, teal. Each one has some interest in the dying. The first is a halter design with green dyed in diagonal stripes (very subtle, but you can see it).

The lining for all three is the same, a lovely soft ocean blue. This will shine through the sheer and make the dresses glow a bit. Hard to capture on camera.

Also hard to photograph without the model. More photos later.... Here is the draping option pinned in place to see if the girls like that. We could also do a jewelry element at the center or a whole beaded belt instead of the drape.

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