Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Warrior Princess part three

A plastic sward, the wrong colour, was sprayed silver (blade) and gold (handle), then leather was wrapped around the handle and glued in place.

I used a separating zipper to close the back of the dress....

and added a layer of skirting (matching fabric) under the panels. It is shorter than the layers, so just finishes it off without being seen much. I also (cleverly) added a pocket into that skirt that can be accessed by the right hand beneath the panels, for such important things as booze money and house keys! Warrior Princesses must be prepared, but must also NOT carry a purse!?!

The knee pads were made by layering leather with quilt batt sandwiched, top stitch quilting and pieces of cut leather sprayed gold, glued in place and quilted around the designs! A few hotfix gold "rivetts" made the look and some elastic and ties attach them to the top of the fabulous purchased boots.

Photo through a mirror of me in the boot with the pad attached... not very clear but you get the idea...
The sward holder is cardboard, covered in leather and decorated like the knee pads, then attached to a mid back panel, that has corresponding hooks and ties to connect to the side fronts and to the back of the shoulder pads. She should be able to reach the sword from over the right shoulder.... handy (and deadly if it weren't plastic!). A round thingy weapon is cut from plastic and sprayed with silver paint, then attached with Velcro to the right front of the outfit.

The outfit on my model.... starting to look almost finished!!!

Only wrist and arm bands to work on. Good thing, as there is only two days left to finish.

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  1. Chris, I'm following progress on the Warrior Princess costume and I really enjoy hearing how you are creating this. It looks like a challenging project, yet you make the construction sound so logical.