Monday, October 18, 2010

Warrior Princess part two...

This is probably the most challenging part of the costume... the breastplate armour.
Here is where ALL the crafting skills come out... paper mache, glue gun, painting skills.

The challenge... to make an antiqued gold metal breastplate with no gold, no metal and new (not antique) materials... hmmm

First a couple of paper mache bowls. I used shallow soup bowls and lined them with clear wrap, then coated with a few layers of paper mache.
After they were dry, I trimmed them and glued them to a cardboard cutout of the rest of the shape needed.
Attached rings (to mount to the other parts of the armour (with duct tape) and cover the whole lot again with a few layers of paper mache.

When that was dry, I drew the lines where the embossed lines stand up on the breastplate. I used piping cord (from the fabric store) and the hot glue gun (crafter's best friend) to attach in the curly pattern I had drawn.
Of course there were the mandatory finger burns... ouch.
Cover all of this with fine strips of paper mache.
Dry, then spray with gold paint. Then accent the lower areas with gold paint mixed with black to "antique" the whole thing.
Looks like metal! Yeah!

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  1. Robin told me to check out the pictures of her costume. This looks awesome, Chris!