Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plain to Fancy Tee

I made a long sleeve Tee a while ago, and found it a bit bland. Cool print but otherwise yawn. The new trend of embellishing tee shirts (in every store you find a range of somewhat embellished to extremely embellished) had me thinking, I could do that too.

I started with fabric scraps, one of the same fabric, and two of contrasting sparkly fabrics.
I cut rough flower shapes out of each one, getting just a bit smaller each time. This I repeated for three flowers.
I stacked them and using a needle and thread, pinched the back of the flower and tacked the pinch in place (gathers the middle just a bit). Then I tacked the whole flower onto the tee, using just enough stitches from the back to hold it in place. I arranged three of these from the shoulder towards the middle close to the neck ribbing.

no more yawning.

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