Friday, March 5, 2010

New Quilt

I found this block of the month pattern on the net... Savanna Flair and it totally captured my interest. I went to gather a few yards of fabric, and added it to my bits of cotton stash, and started the first three animals. I luckily found it the last week of February(the first month of the pattern postings) and made the first three times three (nine blocks total) from the first month blocks ... in three days. I used wonder-under to applique the pieces and used my fabulous quilting stitches to "blanket stitch" on the machine around all the edges.

Then came the next month on March 1, and I got the next patterns from the site. That took me one afternoon to cut and applique and machine topstitch the nine squares.
So now comes the dilema... can I possibly wait another month for a couple of mask square patterns?

I was dreaming about the quilt. I was picturing it done and draped over my sofa, looking all cool and african and great next to my carved chest and masks on the wall.

No. I can't wait a month.
I drew my own masks on the wonder under paper and started making my own mask squares....

So the Block of the Month experiment is over... clearly it does not work for me!

(maybe Block of the Day) Block-du-Jour?

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