Thursday, March 11, 2010

Machine Quilting

I joined six of the animal blocks together, then sandwiched them with batting and backing. I find it easier to quilt smaller pieces rather than the whole quilt. I used free-form stitching and traced around the animals at about a quarter inch away from the applique. Then I did a flowing squiggle stitch all over the background. You can sort of see it around the giraffe.

Flipping it over, you can see the animal outlines and the squiggle lines on the cool random dyed background fabric. The thread on the back is a multicolour light to dark brown thread. The top thread is a match to the fabric (black for the animal blocks, then tan for the mask blocks).

One of the three animal block rows, took about an hour to quilt on my machine. I have 2 more of those, then 2 mask block rows. More photos will follow...

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