Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quilt, Purse and Dress

After a busy, crafty weekend, I have several things done. The first is a small quilted purse to match my dress for the wedding. I need a bag big enough for my camera and room key and lipstick... this one is made from the dress fabric, quilted with the lining as the backing, and thin batting in the middle. I used machine quilting in feed-dog-down free-style stitches that follow the pattern of the fabric. It is a simple envelope style. The straps and accent detail is one inch wide strips of the silver lining, crocheted along with some silver eyelash yarn. I used two snap fasteners under the flap to keep the bag closed until I snap it open. This is a style of bag I have made many times to match a special dress.

The second is the almost final alterations of the green bridesmaid dress. I finished the neckline, attached the gathered sash and attached the starfish. Only the zipper and hemline to go on this one.

The third is the quilting of the mask rows for my quilt. The blocks were attached in groups of four, and sandwiched with batting and the batik backing, then freestyle stitches were used to trace around the masks. I topstitched outside the nose of each to add further stability to the center of the masks. Then I squiggle stitched the whole background of the blocks.

Still lots to do, but the quilt is coming along really well and I love it!

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