Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Quilt, top well underway....

Canada Day for us, means one day off (thursday) and back to work for Friday. Nice morning for golf, cool and sunny. Left the afternoon for sewing, and I spent a few hours working on the center panel of the quilt top. I finished the 54" x 60" pieced blocks, using green rows alternating with turquoise rows, and the Kokopelli batik squares randomly placed in both rows.
Then I sketched a rough Kokopelli in the beige batik, and machine stitched on the outlines. I carefully trimmed close to the stitching, leaving a quarter inch rough edge that will fray a bit on washing and leave a bit of a fuzzy edge to the mystical creature.

There will be further cut-outs throughout the body, similar to the small batik images on the quilt cotton.
I will layer this with batting and background and quilt at this size, then add a border, then more green, turquoise squares, to complete a Queen Size quilt! I will use the sewing machine to free motion quilt stitch around the center motif.

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