Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sock Monkey Golf Club Cover!

A while ago I dabbled in sock monkey sewing. I made a few and had some fun, but how many do we really need? This week I lost the cover for my fairway wood (fell off my cart at a course we were visiting) and I decided to create something new and fun for my heroic four wood (it rescues me from a lot of trouble). I grabbed a sock monkey (previously made in the traditional manner) and cut him across the butt (sorry buddy!). I took out the stuffing of the body, and left the stuffing in the top of the head. I cut an opening on the inside under the muzzle (to allow for the head of the club to nestle in the mouth space). I then took another sock (for lining the cover, and wrapped it in quilt batting. This allows the body to be a bit sturdy, while still remaining hollow. I inserted this sock into the body and right up to the eye level. I secured a few stitches around the ears right through to the lining sock so that it would not pull out when the club is removed. The last step was making the butt opening smooth, but under-turning the outside sock and the lining sock and loosely stitching the pieces together. You still need an opening that can stretch over the golf club, so not too tight.
This works really well for the fairway wood, in the cotton work sock that the original monkey was made. I think a Driver may need a men's size wool work sock, and a bit more stuffing and stretching. But it could be done too.
He looks really cute riding along with my other clubs in my bag. Try one yourselves!

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