Saturday, January 23, 2010

Details, details....

I spent an hour making tubes. These are for the loops attached to the back opening and the ties that hold the back closed... think old fashioned corset lacing...

The secret to making this easy is a tube - turner. This is a long plastic stick that has a way to attach the fabric to make turning the tube easy. I made two sets of these, one about 1 cm wide and one 1.5 cm wide and both very long.
Next I started pining the over drape to the bodice. Two pieces that cross at the front with some gathering for shape, and two more gathered pieces for the back of the bodice. Right now they are just pinned in place, but will be hand stitched to hold them where we want them, and force the folds to lie where they look best.
In the photo you can also see the bottom of the skirt, where I have lifted and pinned lots of little tucks in the over skirt to the under skirt. This gives the skirt more body and draping.

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