Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Bodice Designs.... Lace and Lacing....

I attached the lacing loops to the dress as so...
then secured a facing and flipped it inside, still pinned, I laced the lacing and tacked in an inset fabric (so as not to show the bare back through the lacing). This will be sewn to one side and hook and eye to the other side.
Still trying to work out the perfect bodice decoration. Here are two thoughts, both just pinned to try each one on.
The first is a version of the original, without the sweetheart shaping. Not sure if it is smooth and fitting enough (too bulky?) and not sure how to define the shape enough with this, but maybe tacking it down everywhere, hmmmm.

The second is a lace version, with perhaps some overlaid leaves (like the flower detail) and some sewn on beads (swarovski and pearls). This look is form fitting with texture, but not bulk. I have added some lace under the corset lacing on the back too. We will see which she likes at the fitting this weekend. Then attach while she is here and start the beading details.

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