Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sewing Tuesdays

Now that golf is done and the long winter looms, and the Christmas duties are over, I can finally use my one afternoon off a week to really hit the sewing machine and put a dent in my pile of sewing projects....

I finished the batik jelly roll placemats, and ended up with seven of them (one was sacrificed for the cute notebook cover from last week!). Here are a couple of photos. I used the interesting quilting stitches that my machine is capable of Janome (mode 2 - 29 and 33).

I also spent an hour designing the simple bodice pattern for my daughter's WEDDING DRESS. I cut it from scrap fabric first and made two before I liked the shape and it fit the measurements....
Soon I will cut the beautiful white silk and begin. :)

I also hemmed five pants for a friend (a short one), and arranged the 73 quilt blocks into the order I like best, labeled for sewing (to keep them in the order I want while sewing together).
All in all it was a good sewing day, and I rewarded myself with some knitting and watching The Devil Wears Prada on DVR in the evening!
Love Tuesdays.

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