Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am not working on the wedding dress tonight. I will see my daughter tomorrow and we will do a fitting and get the go ahead for the next step, the final details...

As an interlude, I was browsing through OLD photos. (pre-digital camera days, before computers, but a bit after dinosaurs). My sweet hubby has been amusing himself in these long golf-drought days, by scanning all my photos from years ago (years and years) and I have found a few sewing examples that may amuse you while you wait for more wedding dress photos!
This is a bean bag chicken! It was back in the days when all the cool dudes had bean bag chairs and mellowed out to the Eagles and Supertramp. I made our blue beanbag chair into a big chicken and Tim thought it was great.
This photo is my sister's wedding in 1984. I made her dress (the first of many wedding dresses I made in the 80's) and the three bridesmaid gowns (that's me at the back). I was 5 months pregnant and made my dress the week before the wedding. It fit that day, and when I tried it on the week after, I could not do it up! Such a fitted design! You could see the puff sleeve and teal colours were the style of the day!
This is a rare photo of the soft sculpture critters that I made for sale at several retail gift shops around Ontario. It was part of my cottage industry job (that included wedding gowns) that allowed me to work from home and raise my two small children, until they were in school. All the things you see in the photo were designed, and sewn solely by me. I made thousands of these over 4 years, but rarely arranged and snapped a shot!
Of course, I made lots of Halloween costumes, but here are a few... the whole away team from star trek... 6 costumes custom fit to me and 5 friends.... along with wicked makeup!

Kids costumes... Batman, and a princess on her own horse!
And my best makeup masterpiece! Sweet daughter with psycho yellow eyes and white skull!

And by the way, I have enabled the comment link, so feel free to leave your thoughts, you need not have an account to leave a message! Love to get feedback!


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  2. Hi Chris, this is Chris from the Albany, NY area. Where, oh where, oh where????? do you find the time to do all this magnificent work. Your talents continue to amaze me.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading about all your creations.

    Chris from Albany, NY