Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Dress Begins

With all the necessary ingredients at hand, and a few hours free... I begin. The wonderful silky fabric is laid out across the pool table (makes a perfect cutting table)

and all the pieces are marked and cut. I used a basic empire waist pattern with some drape at the waistline, and cut it 20 inches longer to allow for the lifting and tacking of the skirt in the design that we want, and further cut the back another 20 inches more, to leave the option of a small train and bustle. This is not absolutely the plan but we will try it for style and cut it off if we don't want that look. It's great to have lots of flexibility with the design.

Here the tucks are made on the front some on the right but most on the left hip...

The bodice has boning in several spots and grosgrain ribbon to stabalize the under-bust. The fabric is a little stretchy, but there are some spots that you don't want too much stretch. I also added a small pocket (yes, I have a thing for pockets) and it will be in the folds under the left side gathers, just under where the decorative flower will be. Good for hotel key and a lippy!
So the main part of the dress is assembled, mostly in basting stitch to allow for changes. I still need to assemble the lining and tack it into place before the first big fitting (this weekend I hope!)

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